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Q. On what platforms can I get Olyflix?

Links to download  Roku, Samsung TV, LG TV, Apple TV, Android TV, iPhone, Android, Fire TV.

Q. How much time do I get to view the movie?

A. After purchasing the ticket, the user is eligible to view the movie only one time, within 7 days of the content being available for viewing on our virtual theatre, but he/she needs to finish watching within 6 hours from the time it starts playing. The viewer is only eligible for a one-time watch of the movie.

Q. What should I do if I can’t view the content within the timeframe?

A. In case the user is not able to view the content during the period, the user should send an email to, and we will reply within 24 hours. After receipt and review of the email, we may re-activate for another 48 hours, which enables the user to watch the content without any issues.

Q. Where is Olyflix available?

A. Currently, we are screening Indian movies outside India, alongside domestic theater releases. We are available in all other countries, except China.

Q. How can we help prevent piracy?

A. This is a secure virtual theater platform that tracks your IP address to ensure the content is protected from copying or duplicating. We will take strict legal actions against piracy and will ensure maximum penalty under the law for illegal copying of content. Kindly report any concerns or tips to

Q. Can we screen the content from Olyflix for public viewing in theaters, events, or any public places?

A. Olyflix is a pay-per-view platform for private home viewing, and all public screening of our content is prohibited. Please get in touch with if you notice any violations, for us to take legal action.

Q. Is there a refund?

A. On the rare occasion, if the refund is approved by the Olyflix team, it will be processed within 15 days from the approval date. The refund will be made automatically to the Originated Payment Source.

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